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MAP-Managerial Assessment of Proficiency

A Complete Management Development System

MAP/Excel provides managers and supervisors with a comprehensive turn-key development solution in 12 fundamental competencies grouped in four primary clusters:

  • Cognitive Competencies
  • Supervisory Competencies
  • Administrative Competencies
  • Communication Competencies

The assessment process also covers interpretation and planning. Training can be used to improve each competency individually through half-day, off-the-shelf experiential workshops: the Managing to Excel series. Training House associates are available to deliver the Managing to Excel workshops or to provide train-the-trainer sessions for your internal staff.

Unparalleled Managerial Benchmark

There is no finer benchmark of managerial performance available than MAP—Managerial Assessment of Proficiency. A unique video-simulation approach is used to provide participants with objective ratings of mastery in 12 fundamental managerial competencies. Participant scores are then given a percentile ranking against the scores of the over 75,000 managers in more than 600 organizations who have been through this assessment experience. Managers also receive information on eight styles/values and two managerial styles. Organizations can use the scoring and data management software to then create any number of internal benchmarks with any criteria, or continue to use the primary benchmark updated by Training House on an annual basis.

Method Video Simulation Using Internet Technologies!

MAP Online is available as a CD-ROM based product that is taken online. The scenes in the video segment show several supervisors and their manager interacting as they go through a typical work week of meetings, problem solving, decision making, and planning. The context is simple, straightforward, and believable. The characters are typical imperfect human beings who do some things well and other things not so well. The video is stopped every few minutes so participants can answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what they have observed. What would you do? What would you do differently? What occurred? How can the problem be resolved? As in life, there are sometimes many correct answers or approaches, or there may be only one. Some questions elicit information on managerial style as well as competence.

How does MAP Online work?

There are four steps in the process:

  1. A client is shipped a MAP Online CDROM
  2. Upon receiving the CD, the client inserts it into they're CDROM drive
  3. The MAP Online application loads to a login page where the participant registers
  4. After registration the participant takes the assessment

Why should you use MAP Online?

We have developed the Online/CDROM combination to overcome the limitations many clients have, such as a slow internet connection, and/or the need to take the assessment at home, work, or abroad. Also there is no need for an on-site proctor to oversee and administer the assessment, saving clients and consultants both time and money.

Are you interested in learning more about MAP? Would you like to try a free demo? Please contact us at: 1-800-860-1361

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